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Players need to use to cover the purchase, please go to the URL http://www.g419.biz/ , register to register
2. Please fill in personal information.
3. Please click on the completed registration.
4. Completion of registration.
5. purchase card site http://www.g419.biz/
6. Please select 30 or 90 days of paid card product.
7. Click into the product introduction.
8. Click the button below to purchase goods.
9. Fill purchaser name, phone number and e-mail.
10. Completed, click the button, make a purchase.
Remark: Fill in the correct phone number is required, or can not be paid.
11. Please select a credit card purchase.
12. Selection is complete, click the button transmission.
13. Click the button to make a purchase.
14. Please call the designated phone calls, authentication purchase.
15. Please fill in the correct credit card information.
16. In the completed, click the button transmission.
17. Sending, please wait.
18. Click the button to activate the credit card unique password.
19. The completed password, click Send button.
20. Complete your payment, please click on the home page.
21. Click to go to the Member Center.
22. Click My orders.
23. Click digital goods to enter detailed product pages.
24. Display the number of days the card number.
  Remark:Without issuing reasons: first time purchase, you need to wait 24 hours, will be issuing.


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